Hindu Mythology believes that the entire world, as we know it, was created by LORD BRAMHA, the Creator. He has created plants, animals, sea, mountains and the human being. Lord Bramha first created 16 Sons from various parts of his own body. Mythology states that humans created from the 'mouth' portion of Brahma were Brahmins, those from arms were 'Kshatriyas', those from the thighs were 'Vaishyas' and those from the feet were 'Shudras'. He asked 'Surya' to take care and protect the universe and himself went into deep meditation for ten thousand of years. Thereafter when he opened his eyes he saw an illustrious man with broad shoulders, eyes like a lotus, long neck and carrying a pen and inkpot in the hands. Brahma asked that man who he was. The man replied that he was born out of Brahma (Shri Chitragupt Ji, his 17th creation, is believed to be the creation from Lord Bramha's Mind & Soul) and asked to give him a name and allocate duties. Brahma told him that as he was born out of his body (kaya) he would be classed as 'Kayastha' and he would be called by the name of 'Chitragupt' on the earth.

Shri Chitragupt Ji is divine incarnation in human form called Kayastha since he is the only creation of Lord Bramha, created in entirety [KAYA] from the lords body, unlike the other 16 sons who were created only from various parts of the body. Shri Chitragupt Ji (hence the Kayastha's) were accorded a dual caste status, namely KSHATRITYA [Warrior] and BRAHMIN [The Learned].

Hindu Mythology is based on a multiple phase life cycle involving re-birth. It is believed that those who do not attain a balance between their good-deeds and misdoing, have to attain re-birth in any living form, to complete the LIFE CYCLE.

The primary duty awarded to Shri Chitragupt Ji was to create LOG of the lives of all living beings, judge their lives based on good-deeds and misdoing, and s death, whether they will attain NIRVANA [Completion of their LIFE CYCLE & redemption from all worldly troubles] or receive punishment for their misdoing in another life form, till they attain NIRVANA. He was asked by Brahma to perform his duties of keeping an account of every person good and bad deeds in the offices of Dharma Raj, supposed to be situated in 'Yampuri'.

The Kayastha Parivar believes in WORLD PEACE, JUSTICE, KNOWLEDGE and LITERACY, the four primary virtues depicted by the form of Shree Chitraguptjee. The community, world-wide, strives to attain these virtues and promote the same, in line with the teachings of their supreme lord. Empowered with powerful traits such as SELF RESPECT, SELF ESTEEM, INTELLIGENCE, COMMONSENSE & PRESENCE OF MIND, AESTHETIC SENSE, BENEVOLENCE, Kayastha's are PROGRESSIVE & ADAPTIVE. Over the centuries, the community established excellence in ACADEMICS, ADMINISTRATION, LEGAL JUSTICE, SCIENCE & FINE-ARTS.

The Kayastha Community is religiously inclined & very close-knit. They strive to fight social injustice in society. They instill values of religion & culture. Academics has a very important place in the life of a Kayastha. Sincerity & Hard Work are always respected and awarded. Social reform through adoption of economically backward families from within the community, and hence their emancipation, is a known way of KAYASTHA service to their community.

Designed by Richa Saidha